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Plant landscape in glass jar, with Phalaneopsis Mini, our Cushy Stones and Colomi grain for orchids 4-8mm earth brown.

Orchids or houseplants in natural look with Colomi orchid substrate.

To the grain size 4-8 mm for orchids in earth brown, we have the grain size 2-5 mm in earth brown, which is suitable for Bonsai, Sokkulenten, palms and other houseplants.

Also hydroponics can be cultivated with the advantages of Colomi.


- adequate plant substrate

- no usual dirt, as with other plant soils, (advantage with later repotting)

- inhibits mould in the substrate

- no whitish salt deposits on the substrate surface

- no vermin in the plant soil

- Fertilizer effect over 5-8 years

- no decomposition or compaction

- excellent substrate aeration

- stable conductance of water

- water softening

- suitable for orchids, bonsai, hydroponics, palms and other indoor plants

People who, for health reasons, use natural substrates because of mould or germs contained therein,

must do without plants in their environment,

receive with our substrate the possibility to continue to enjoy their plants.



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New 5 liter grain for orchids 4-8mm brown

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New grain for orchids 2-5 mm terra 1 liter

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